Providing PA-DSS Certified Desktop &
Web Site Credit Card Processing.

Have you thought about automating Credit Card Processing only to be discouraged by the additional Gateway fees? Or Maybe you are currently paying these fees and would rather maximize profits?
CCQ-FM provides the solution.
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As you know the addition of a monthly fee and per-charge transaction fee cuts further into your profit. We bypass these fees by processing directly to the bank. Click Here to see how Gateway Fees work.
Automated Credit Card Processing for Filemaker Systems
Contact us for options for other business systems.
Competitive Merchant Rates
PCI certified
By partnering with TrueData Merchant system we can provide competitive rates.
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Saves Time and Money
If you're currently using a swipe machine, how much productivity is lost by employees having to walk over to the machine, swipe the card or type in the numbers? How often are credit card numbers not taken correctly causing the client to be called back? Integrating the processing into your system will lead to greater accuracy. Sales reps can run the charge or just test the card and set the transaction to be run at a later date.